Regardless of your auto repair needs, Nery's Auto Repair in Torrance has you covered. We use over twenty-two years of knowledge and experience to provide the best automotive parts and products that help your car or truck perform at its very best. We offer complete auto maintenance services, from regular tune-ups to emergency repairs. We are specialists in electrical, mechanical and emissions & systems diagnostics as well as troubleshooting hard to find problems.


Mechanic Wrench
Car Mechanic
Fixing the Car
AC And Heating Service

We will thoroughly evaluate your car’s heating and AC system and determine what repair is necessary. We will give you a comprehensive estimate of the repairs so you can know exactly what to expect in terms of cost for your repairs.

  • Coolant gas fill

  • Coolant system leak

  • Condenser replacement

  • Evaporator replacement

  • Heater core replacement


Leaving your lights or radio on for too long can give you an idea how important electricity is to keep your car running. Sometimes all you might need would be a jump-start or battery replacement and other times it can be more complicated.


  • Shorts Diagnosed

  •  Batteries

  •  Alternators

  •  Starters

  •  Air Bag System Diagnosed

We can check for any engine problems with a comprehensive computer diagnosis, emission diagnosis, or a driveability diagnosis. If you're experiencing engine noise, including engine knocking, tapping or clicking, or engine stalls, bring your car in and one of our profesional mechanics will determine what's going on under the hood.
  •  Fuel Injection Service

  •  Engine Rebuild/Replacement

  •  Emission Diagnosis & Repair


Part of the drivetrain, your transmission is an important part of your car. Transmission fluid should be checked regularly, depending on your driving habits. Driving with a transmission leak or improperly functioning transmission can cause serious damage to your vehicle. Regular inspection can save a lot of money in the long run.  

  •  Diagnostic Service

  •  Road Test

  •  Lift Inspection

  •  Pan/Interior Examination

Brakes should always be checked if you are experiencing any problems. A little noise is often normal for brakes, but any grinding, screeching, or chirping, grabbing, pulling, vibration, or if your brake pedal feels as if it is sinking into your car, it's time to have them inspected.
  • Inspection and Diagnosis

  •  Disc Brake Service

  •  Drum Brake Service

  •  ABS Diagnosis and Repair

  •  Master Cylinder